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Compensation Practice Free Essays

Divider Mart applies the pay methodology of offering the laborers the lower furthest reaches of wages permitted by the law, yet misquoting for the equivalent through contribution its workers with a protection plot (Wilkes, 2013). In this regard, while the representatives may not be profiting extraordinarily in money related terms, the eventual fate of such workers is very much secured, because of the way that they have been given a protection spread that tends to their necessities past the regularly scheduled checks (Wilkes, 2013). Notwithstanding, the Wall-Mart system has been named as unacceptable both for the representatives and the economy, since it is a technique that looks to sort the workforce of the association as a cost that should be limited Wilkes, 2013). We will compose a custom exposition test on Pay Practice or then again any comparative point just for you Request Now This idea is unsafe both to the worker inspiration and to the open observation, inferable from the way that regarding the workforce as a cost that must be monitored doesn't function admirably either with the representatives or the open discernment, which thus antagonistically influences the deals of the association straightforwardly (Atchison, Belcher Thomson, 2013). Consequently, while the Wall-Mart remuneration technique has empowered it to minimize its costs and in this way boost its benefit, it may have even been more harming than as of now suspected, if the methodology is examined from the worker sustenance and the client observation perspective. Further, the Wall-Mart pay methodology has developed to be harming to the notoriety and the generosity of the organization among people in general and the clients, inferable from the way that it is seen to move the weight of changing hard monetary occasions legitimately to the representatives, by making them endure low wages, so the organization can keep up its gainfulness levels, as they were during the acceptable financial occasions (Wilkes, 2013). How Wall-Mart applies remuneration practice to decide the positive or negative effect on the numerous and its partners The impact of the negative impression of the clients and the overall population is to make the association proprietors and the top authority and the board to come out as ravenous and deceptive, which thus is a mood killer for some potential clients of the association (Atchison, Belcher Thomson, 2013). In particular is the qualification between the idea of low wages and low work costs. The way that an association offers low wages to Its workforce doesn't imply that such an association will thusly acquire low work costs (Atchison, Belcher Thomson, 013). This is on the grounds that, while the low wages might be an option for decreasing costs, the expenses related with the work turnover may surpass the advantage got from offering low wages (Atchison, Belcher Thomson, 2013). Hence, Wall-Mart is an association that is being looked by the test of high worker turn-over, inferable from the way that the vast majority of its representatives are disappointed with the states of work and the low wages offered by the association, to such an extent that they will in general quit the place of employment at the ascent of some other reasonable other option, constraining the association to take part in a ceaseless pattern of employing and business enrollment, which thus drives the expenses of work higher (Wilkes, 2013). An ongoing report has indicated that while Wall-Mart offers low wages contrasted with Cost, Quick Trip and Trader Joey’s, the association causes a general significant expense of work contrasted with these associations, consequently thusly winning low gainfulness edge (Alter, 2013). The examination has shown that the expense of work turnover at Cost is 17%, contrasted with the expense of work turnover at Wall-Mart, which remains at 44% (Atchison, Belcher Thomson, 2013). The general impact of this investigation is to show that the pay system for Wall-Mart may be considered to convey positive outcomes by bringing down the costs related with the representative wages, however the general impact is that the organization keeps on causing exceptionally significant expense than it would acquire, on the off chance that it paid great wages for its workers (Alter, 2013). The other significant angle to consider in the Wall-Mart’s remuneration procedure is its impact on the employees’ efficiency. A generously compensated representative is a gainful worker, since such a worker is eager and persuaded about his work, and in this way applies additional push to guarantee that the business will likewise profit by the demonstration of generosity and valuation for the representative administrations. In this regard, the investigation showed that the profitability of the workers at Wall-Mart was a lot of lower contrasted with that of Cost, attributable to the way that the benefit per representative in Wall-Mart was $11 ,039 contrasted with that of Cost, which was $13, 647 for every representative (Atchison, Belcher Thomson, 2013). In this manner, the pay methodology of Wall-Mart is needing, and therefore should be changed with the goal that it can empower both the association and the workforce to receive higher rewards from their relationship. The manners by which laws, worker's guilds, and market factors sway the Wall-Mart pay rehearses Wall-Mart remuneration rehearses have been influenced enormously by laws, trade guilds and market factors, with the end goal that for instance, in 2005, worker's organizations made associations and propelled web and online life battle to reprimand Wall-Mart for its poor treatment of representatives in wages and states of work (Atchison, Belcher Thomson, 2013). The law has additionally been on crash course in a few events with Wall-Mart, where it has been researched for conceivable arraignment for both monopolistic propensities and unlawful treatment of its workforce (Green, 2003). The market powers have likewise been of incredible impact to the Wall-Mart business, through making the association win low gainfulness because of monetary downturn, therefore thusly paying low wages for its workforce (Wilkes, 2013). The viability of customary bases for pay at the Wall-Mart The rotational bases for pay are as yet appropriate for Wall-Mart, albeit specifically. Step by step instructions to refer to Compensation Practice, Papers

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Startup Hubs Around the World Moscow

Startup Hubs Around the World Moscow Far to the north, Moscow holds the rank of having the world’s largest urban economy, and as of March 2013, had the highest number of residents who are billionaires. The capital of Russia, this mysterious city is a mix of historic buildings and modern skyscrapers. The city is determined to find its place in the modern global marketplace, and has determined to become a leading technology start-up hub. © | Andrey BaydaWe’ll examine 1) how the location of the city is helping their quest, 2) the tax incentives available in Moscow, 3) the legal incentives, 4) investors in the city, 5) local resources, as well as 6) the specialization of the city and 7) some startups to watch.LOCATIONThe northernmost megacity in the world, Moscow is far removed from California, but has aspirations of creating their own Silicon Valley. Located on the banks of the Moscow River, the city has the largest population in Russia and is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. The city is growing â€" will its location help springboard it into becoming one of the top startup hubs of the world?Geographical BenefitsBeing able to navigate through the city is important, and Moscow has a variety of options available for residents. Entrepreneurs in Moscow can take advantage of the five major airports that serve the city, making air transportation in and out of the city readily available. Transportation within the city is a mix of old (tram service) and new (monorail service) so there is a service that will be able to handle the transport needs of the city. The most popular form of transportation in the city is the Metro â€" a service that sees over ten million passengers every day, making it one of the busiest metro systems in the world. Roads are lacking (there are only three main highways that transverse the city) which is compounded by the fact that automobiles are becoming more popular, making driving challenging.Moscow consistently ranks as one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. Rents are high and living spaces are small, but policies as recently as 1990 make it difficult for securing living quarters. Many Russians find that they are renting out their homes in the city and moving outside the city limits where the cost of living is not as exorbitant.Advantages to choosing the cityEntrepreneurs who choose Moscow as their startup loca tion are heading into a city rich with history. Established in 1147, Moscow has a timeline that is older than many of the world’s nations. Leaving its tumultuous past behind, the city is slowly becoming a vivacious and thriving center of growth and development.By selecting Moscow, entrepreneurs are choosing a city that is looking toward the future. In 2009, Moscow introduced the Skolkovo Foundation, an initiative by the Russian government to establish new and innovative businesses. The 1,000 acre hub was intended to establish an entrepreneurship culture that would move the Russian economy away from depending on natural resources and embrace technical research and education.Moscow is a city on the brink of an entrepreneurial shift. Starting a company in Moscow offers the chance to be a part of what startup accelerator spokesman Vladimir Skripnichenko describes as, Youngsters, ideas, investors, and capital put in one big melting pot.” With the addition of training centers and univ ersity courses that promote entrepreneurship, Moscow can improve the skillset of their residents, and help to generate a skilled labor force for the startups. TAX INCENTIVESWith the establishment of the startup hub by the Skolkovo Foundation, the city of Moscow is positioned to take the lead on innovation and design. Another indication of the willingness of the Russian government to encourage tech startups is the addition of tax incentives for the entrepreneur. Within the Skolkovo zone is a range of tax incentives that allow the startup to get established without excessive taxation. These tax policies provide unique tax breaks for entrepreneurs that can last from five to seven years.In World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ ranking, Russia placed 120th out of 183 countries. The overall tone of Moscow has changed in recent years, but old habits are hard to break. Moscow has a reputation of being difficult to do business, and while the policies may be improved it will take time f or the general public to believe in the changes. Initiating additional tax incentives outside of the Skolkovo facility may help entrepreneurs choose Moscow as their headquarters, as well as encourage growth in existing businesses.LEGAL INCENTIVESUntil the early 1990s, it was against the law in Russia to start a business. It was not until 2009 that legislation was passed that allowed research facilities and universities to establish a corporation. As an entrepreneur, it may be legally acceptable to start a company, but culturally the process is not smooth. Government officials are still seen as corrupt and bribery is still considered a normal part of the business process. As recently as 2010, Russians paid $581 million in bribes and protection. Clearly, there is still work to be done in Moscow’s legal incentives for businesses.Further, filing for bankruptcy protecting is extremely difficult in Russia, providing a new perspective on startup risk. An entrepreneur ‘Startup Visa’ o ffers foreign-born entrepreneurs the opportunity to work in the Skolkovo facility, and offers a way to avoid the stringent, anti-business laws that are already in place in Moscow.INVESTORSInvesting in one of Moscow’s high-tech startup companies can be difficult. There is a major funding gap for Moscow’s startups â€" from conception to market the amount of funding drops almost 93%. As a company progresses through its developmental stages, the available funding goes up marginally, but is still not substantial.Perhaps part of the lack of funding can be explained by the reluctance of Russian investors to invest in something they aren’t familiar with. Moscow’s funders are less ambitious, and entrepreneurs are more likely to seek funds from family and friends. Another cause of the lack of funding may be attributed to a less-than-friendly tax rate that offers only a 13 percent tax rate for foreign investors.Kite Ventures, an early-stage startup fund, explains that investing in Mosc ow startups is an exercise in control: the investors want to minimize their risk, but the entrepreneur is not sure how to exhibit the power needed to get their start up established. Investors generally shy away from these poorly managed companies, of which there are a number of in Moscow. Finding an investor (or an investment fund) may not prove to be impossible, but it is more of a challenge than it is in other startup zones.LOCAL RESOURCESMoscow (and Russia) has been largely successful in training engineers, mathematicians and scientists. Unfortunately, they failed to prepare the individuals for entrepreneurship â€" a shortcoming that can be clearly seen when entrepreneurs present or pitch their products. To help combat this, Russia has created the Russian Venture Company. This venture group has launched over ten high tech firms globally, and has plans to continue to invest in high-tech firms both financially and educationally. © Wikipedia | Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVOThe Skolkovo facility is destined to be the startup hub center of the new tech-savvy Moscow. Within the 1,000 acres there will be research and development facilities, office space, a technology university and residential locations for employees and their families. With up to $10 million in non-refundable grants available, there is a strong push towards technological startups. An extremely strict selection policy will limit the number of companies accepted into the foundation’s program. Only one out of six companies will be accepted, and only one in four of those will receive a grant. The Russian government has poured over $15 billion into making the facility a success, and they will have to wait another 10 to 15 years before they will begin to see any form of return on their investment.More than 800 startups have already made Skolkovo their home, and there is plenty of room for additional companies to join them. With an estimated c ompletion date of 2018, the facility hopes to become a mini-city that boasts over 70,000 people who live and work in the tech zone. Some of the world’s largest companies have already agreed to open offices within the new Startup zone: Oracle, Cisco and Facebook, to name a few.In an effort to improve the overall technology availability to the entire city, the government is offering broadband services to every town with over 250 people. An ambitious and expensive initiative, only time will tell if the promised wiring becomes a reality. If it does come to fruition, it will be an impressive boost to the ability of Moscow to compete globally.Why Should Entrepreneurs Be Excited About Moscows Startup Scene? SPECIALIZATIONThere is no subtlety in Moscow’s plan: dominate the tech startup market. There are several industries that have begun to establish a foothold on the Moscow market, but primarily Moscow (and the Russian government) is focused on high tech firms.Through special tax progr ams and legal incentives, they have made it clear that the government is in the business of starting business. The development of the Skolkovo foundation and the government’s continued role in providing capital, grants and other supportive tools, Moscow is well underway on its plan to dominate the startup market.The newly developed annual Startup Village events (it began in 2013) bring entrepreneurs, startups, venture capitalists, Government officials (along with entertainment) to a three day weekend. Through the course of the weekend, attendees have the opportunity to investigate new startups, seek funding and promote their services and products. Attendance has grown astronomically since its first event, and the event continues to grow with seminars, learning opportunities and more.Startups are the key to Moscow’s diversification needs. The Russian economy is heavy in oil and gas investments, a risky and volatile market. By seeking out investment opportunities through the imple mentation of the startup program, government officials can begin to diversify the holdings of the nation providing even greater financial security. This diversification can be seen in the growing nanotechnology industry, a science park and special economic zones that are created to encourage innovation.Not only does Moscow need entrepreneurs, they need managers and engineers, as well as developers and manufacturers. To further encourage innovative thinking and development, Russia has partnered with colleges to establish training facilities that will teach entrepreneurs in business practices, and will also train business professionals in the startup industry. The multi-faceted approach is another indication that Russia in in the tech startup race for the long-haul: they are not content with what can be done in the next year; they are establishing a plan for the future.STARTUPS TO WATCHFor a country that has only embraced entrepreneurship within the last twenty years, Russia has manag ed to distinguish itself as a country that is not afraid to experiment. Moscow has brought some vastly unique and different companies to the startup market, and more are starting every day. As we watch this iconic city grow into the future, one can only imagine what will be accomplished by this determined and resourceful country. Here are some of the amazing companies that have already been established in Moscow:NormaSugar: For the individual struggling with diabetes, NormaSugar offers an app that conveniently monitors and records blood sugar counts. An efficient way to communicate with your doctor, NormaSugar takes the guesswork out of what your sugar counts have been â€" it records it instantly and uploads it to cloud storage, easily accessible for health professionals.Mail.RU: A popular internet company, Mail.RU began as an email service. It evolved into a social media network and now operates the second and third most popular services in Russia. A free, spam-free email service t hat operates in several cities around the world, Mail.RU primarily has service for Moscow and her surrounding cities.Vizerra: Cutting edge, Vizerra offers 3D technology to designers, engineers and architects. Through the use of social media and gaming technology, they create innovative experiences of buildings and environments.Penxy: For business professionals who find themselves at the front of a room offering presentations, Penxy is a presentation streaming tool that allows the user to stream, record and broadcast presentations through their iPod or iPad. Also a slide generator, the iPhone control allows the speaker to move through the conference room and advance slides with the swipe of a finger.Zingaya: A team effort between Silicon Valley and Moscow, Zingaya allows users to place phone calls through their computers without the necessity of using a phone or downloading a file. By simply putting a “Call” button on a corporate website, users are instantly connected to the comp any.KaperskyLab: One of the world’s largest end-user cybersecurity protection companies, Kapersky Lab is a provider of security systems for digital applications. Started in 1997, the company is an innovative securities firm that can manage private and corporate systems. Through anti-virus system checks, Kapersky is partnered with some of the world’s leading companies to ensure that customer data and information is protected.Ostrovok: A hotel booking service, Ostrovok is leading the Russian travel market with price comparison shopping. Image credit:  Wikipedia | Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO under Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

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The Transcontinental Railroad and Westward Expansion

The Transcontinental Railroad and Westward Expansion Thesis: The transcontinental railroad greatly increased Westward expansion in the United States of America during the latter half of the nineteenth century. The history of the United States has been influenced by England in many ways. In the second half of the 1800 s, the railroad, which was invented in England, had a major effect on Western expansion in the United States. Railroads were born in England, a country with dense populations, short distances between cities, and large financial resources. In America there were different circumstances, a sparse population in a huge country, large stretches between cities, and only the smallest amounts of money. (Railroad 85)†¦show more content†¦Then came the construction gangs who, working in shifts, graded (flattened) the land by as much as a hundred miles a stretch. Behind them came the track-laying crews, each consisting of ten thousand men and as many animals. For each mile of track, the government was loaning the railroad from $16,000, for flat land, to $48,000, for mountainous land (Railroad 86). The supplies needed to lay a single mile of track included forty train cars to carry four hundred tons of rail and timber, ties, bridgings, fuel, and food, which all had to be assembled in a depot on the Missouri River. But the Union Pacific had the twin advantages of comparatively flat land and a continuous supply line back to the factories of the East coast. It was quite different for the Central Pacific, which had to fetch most of its materials, except timber, by sea, twelve thousand miles around the tip of South America. Another difference between the two companies was their work-forces. The Eastern work gangs were recruited from immigrant Irish, poor Southern whites, and poor Southern blacks, while the Western crews came mostly from China. The Union Pacific was said to be sustained by whisky while the Central Pacific was said to be sustained by tea (Douglas 110). While the Easterners were racing through the prairie, the Westerners were stripping foothill forests, painfullyShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Transcontinental Railroad And Westward Expansion2649 Words   |  11 Pages The Transcontinental Railroad and Westward Expansion Thesis: The transcontinental railroad greatly increased Westward expansion in the United States of America during the latter half of the nineteenth century. The history of the United States has been influenced by England in many ways. In the second half of the 1800s, the railroad, which was invented in England, had a major effect on Western expansion in the United States. quot;Railroads were born in England, a country with dense populationsRead MoreManifest Destiny And Westward Expansion Essay1447 Words   |  6 Pages1) OUTLINE: I. Topic sentence. Manifest destiny and westward expansion was a tremendous key component to the growth of the nation economically because of the impact it had on native americans, women empowerment, and expanding the population of the country. II. Significance of topic. Americans looked towards the western lands as an opportunity for large amounts of free land, for growth of industry, and pursue the manifest destiny. III. List of evidence related to topic. The railwaysRead MoreWestward Expansion Of The United States1060 Words   |  5 PagesWestward expansion changed into the preference of the US to govern the territories of western components of the United States that had been either unclaimed or occupied by using other international locations. It is pertinent to comprehend that the us history became inspired with the aid of England in diverse methods. Within the second 1/2 of 18th century, the railroad which that turned into invented in England introduced a main effect in the USA enlargement to the West. Railroads originated fromRead MoreThe United States Railway System1001 Words   |  5 Pagesconsisted of carriages and wagons being pulled down a track by a horse or two. This form of train was most commonly used for transporting freight. Luckily, Colonel Stevens received the first ever railway grant in 1815 to construct the New Jersey Railroad Company. By 1826, Stevens tested the first steam-engine train in the United States, known as the â€Å"Steam Wagon.† The â€Å"Steam Wagon† relied on the power of steam to move. Coal was shoveled into something called a â€Å"firebox.† The heat created from theRead MoreThe Transcontinental Railroad And The Railroad1217 Words   |  5 PagesThe Transcontinental Railroad Amid the 1800’s, America was experiencing a period of development known as the Industrial Revolution. America was in its first century of being an autonomous and creative nation. One of the greatest commitments to this huge innovative progression was the foundation of the Transcontinental Railroad. The westward expansion designed to be the key to a nation-building project and a change for the United States.[1] The Pacific Railroads cleared the path in which builtRead MoreThe Expansion of America to the West1314 Words   |  5 Pagesaway from the east coast, across the Mississippi westward. After many western states joined the Union, hundreds of thousands of pioneers migrated to the new territories, which shifted the majority of the country’s population to the West. With so much uninhabited and unorganized land available, the desire for more land brought aspiring pioneers to the frontier. As enticing as the idea was, something else was persuading many people to mig rate westward. Manifest Destiny became a widely used conceptRead MoreImpact Of Railroads On American Development And The Framework Of The Country2242 Words   |  9 PagesRailroads made a huge contribution to United States, they led to many advances throughout American History. There were numerous matters the railroads effected in American development and the framework of the country. The railroad had positive and negative effects on America as a whole through the growth of the industry, such as; encouraged western expansion, enhanced the economy, recognized railroad monopolies, assisted the Union in Civil War, helped keep the country together, and created a highRead MoreThe Transcontinental Railroad Was A Marvel Of Engineering And Perseverance1148 Words   |  5 PagesNovember 17th, 2017 The Transcontinental Railroad is a marvel of engineering and perseverance. A transcontinental railroad is railroad that crosses through a continent. It was built between 1862 and 1869 across the United States. The initial project was proposed in 1845, but it took more time to start the dangerous construction. It had multiples consequences for the United States, not all positive. But the Transcontinental Railroad did affect the westward expansion. In 1845, Asa Whitney, an importantRead MoreThe Transcontinental Railroad: Blood, Sweat, Tears and an American Dream3111 Words   |  13 PagesHistory evident by the Industrial Revolution and the Civil War. However, it was the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad which profoundly changed the United States. The discovery of gold, the acquisition of Mexican territories and the continued settlement of the West increased the need for a primary railway system connecting the East and the West Coasts. The Transcontinental Continental Railroad aided the settling of the west and closed the last of the remaining frontier, bringing newfound economicRead MoreEffects Of Westward Expansion715 Words   |  3 PagesWestward expansion was a time of successes and failures, a time celebrations and grief, a time full of life and death but in the end it shaped how America is the way is today. Westward expansion was put in action because of the belief of Manifest Destiny, the belief that it is America fate to expand from the Atlantic to Pacific ocean. The economical, political and humanitarians impacts were necessary to achieve the goal of manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion. Westward Expansion had the biggest

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Unpaid Internships and the Law Essay - 1348 Words

Introduction Internships play an important role in the career development and recruitment process of young professionals and soon-to-be college graduates. Internships come in two forms: paid and unpaid. Paid internships are most commonly procured in the private sector or in organizations that have financial stability to pay students to gain experience and learn while they work. Unpaid internships are becoming increasingly common in the current workplace where some businesses are cutting costs and downsizing due to economic struggles. The following paper will show the negative effects of unpaid internships and how unpaid internships challenge ethical business practices. Causes Internships are becoming the norm in today’s ever changing†¦show more content†¦The economic recession of the mid 2000s is most often blamed for the rise in unpaid internships. While a statistic regarding the amount of unpaid internships offered each year is not calculated, research shows that anywhere between 20-40% of all internships offered are unpaid. Given the opportunity afford by gaining experience and building a network, internship seekers are most often willing to give up pay in return for the above benefits. In 2010, the Obama administration issued legislative change to the way internships are handled and classified. While all employers are legally required to pay employees at least minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act, an exception exists within the Fair Labor Standards Act in regards to employment of interns. The 2010 amendment provided a list of 6 criteria that must be met in order to be in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act: (1) th e internship, even though it includes actual operation of the facilities of the employer, is similar to training which would be given in an educational environment, (2) the internship experience is for the benefit of the intern, (3) the intern does not displace regular employees, but works under close supervision of existing staff, (4) the employer proves the training derives no immediate advantageShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Glatt V. Fox Searchlight Pictures Inc.1209 Words   |  5 Pages6. Clear Understanding of Non-Payment It is vital that, at the outset of the relationship, the intern and the organization both understand that the job is unpaid and that the intern is not entitled to wages for the time spent in the internship. Although stipends are not always provided to unpaid interns at for-profit enterprises, this type of payment can undermine the understanding of nonpayment. Moreover, if the intern is paid a stipend and he/she is likely to be treated as an employee. AccordinglyRead MoreFederal And New York Minimum Wage Laws1586 Words   |  7 PagesA Federal District Court judge in Manhattan ruled in June of 2013, that Fox Searchlight Pictures had violated federal and New York minimum wage laws by not paying production interns, it was a case that could radically affect the long-held practice of businesses to rely heavily on unpaid internships. The judge had decided that Fox Searchlight should have paid two interns on the movie â€Å"Black Swan,† because they were essentially regular employee s. The interns were made to do basic chores usually doneRead MoreBenefits Of Internships On The Middle Ages1457 Words   |  6 PagesJustin Wu Carol Nader IS301L 5/7/2015 Get What You Can Internships have been around for a very long time. Even in the medieval ages there have been signs of internships through the process of apprenticeship. During the Middle Ages humans did not suddenly become professional blacksmiths. Novices normally went through a process called apprenticeship. Apprentices would study under their teacher in order to familiarize themselves with the craft. Apprenticeships typically last three to sixRead MoreInternships Do More Harm Than Good965 Words   |  4 PagesInternships do more harm than good What is an internship? An internship is a work-related learning experience for individuals who wish to develop hands on work experience in a certain occupational field. Most internships are temporary assignments that last approximately three months or up to a year. After reading the essayâ€Å" Take This Internship and Shove it â€Å" by Kamenetz Anya who graduated from Yale University, I agree with her that internships do more harm than good because of the opportunity costRead MoreUnpaid Internship Is The Exploitation Of Student Workers908 Words   |  4 PagesWith internships both paid and unpaid, you are gaining valuable work experience in the career you pursuing after college. Today most employers will require that the student performed some type of internship to even be considered for employment. However paid internships are much more beneficial to the interns and to the employers than unpaid internships. With a paid internship you bypass almost all legal issues that may be i nvolved in an unpaid internship and an intern is being paid for their timeRead MoreAn Internship Is A Professional Program959 Words   |  4 Pagestheir field rather than their qualifications. An internship is a professional program that provides practical experiences to students in which they learn and can reflect back on for their future careers. Internships are increasingly becoming more evident in the work force as it helps give employers an opportunity to find good quality employees and in return provides good experience for the intern. Participating in internships, no matter paid or unpaid, is believed to strengthen the probability of acquiringRead MoreWorkplace Protection for Unpaid Interns783 Words   |  4 PagesWorkplace Protection for Unpaid Interns Sexual harassment claims from unpaid interns against companies have been consistently dismissed. Current legal precedent forces students who accepting unpaid internships into a pool of vulnerable, powerless, at risk population. Many cases go undocumented, interns are often disempowered, feeling inferior in the workplace, working for no pay (often actually paying tuition for the honor to work for free), report to multiple superiors. With hopes of a futureRead MoreUnpaid Internships : An Internship927 Words   |  4 Pages Internships   Fetching an endless amount of coffee for employees. Copying a constant supply of papers for a business meeting. Running around and completing errands continuously are the many tasks that sound like a stereotypical unpaid internship. But not all internships consist of these tasks and even if they do, they are important because they provide experience, networking, and possibly a job. However, unpaid internships are not as lucrative because in the recent years, researchers have foundRead MoreThe fashion industry is a utopia, of silk and suede and, shoes and belts. It is a place where900 Words   |  4 Pagesand giving out resumes, when one does land up with a job, they might think that they are not cut-out for it. What then? Start with the whole cycle of spamming and searching again? No. An internship is a better option. But is an unpaid internship the right way to go about it? Thats the real question. An internship is an answer to all the dilemmas faced by young adults trying to choose the right path. It can put one at the top of the game. It allows young aspirants to get a flavor of their dream jobsRead MoreInternship Problem At The Intern947 Words   |  4 PagesThere are lots of internship problem come to the public’s attention. Some of the students required intern at certain company or enterprise just to graduate, and get a better profile in their resume. Some companies take an advantage of the rule that during the internship, the companies do not need to pay their student working hours. Therefore, the companies make the best use out of the intern student, and squeeze every last drop of the energy from the student. Intern students are forced to work excessive

The Emperor’s New Clothes Free Essays

The Emperor’s New Clothes There lived a man; he should still be alive now, yet one would like to think that he had grown up a little. He fancied himself the ‘It Boy’ of Western Super- Mare, he was the guy in the latest fashion, up to date hairdo’s and always had this months Vanity Fair tucked under one arm. The fact that he was almost 38 and still lived in his parents three bedroomed semi-detached did not seem to deter him. We will write a custom essay sample on The Emperor’s New Clothes or any similar topic only for you Order Now Being a man of simple pleasures, and having never had the intuition to actually move into a place of his own and get a career, his daily routine had not changed much over the past twenty years. No later than 8.30am every morning, his doting and somewhat downtrodden mother would creep into his bedroom, careful not to wake the mountain of a son who lay snoring like a pig in his bed. She would place his plate of sausage sandwiches next to his bedside and then quietly leave closing the door gently behind her. At precisely 8.40am, he would take one last grotesque snore and then emerge from his top bunk, and haul his not so svelte figure down the two foot ladder that leant against the side, which screamed in distress every step he made in his descent. With one foul swoop his great hairy hand would shovel sausage sandwiches into his gawping mouth, two at a time. He would then make his way to the bathroom, where he spent about two thirds of his life. Who would have thought that a bathroom barely capable of fitting in a bathtub, wash basin and toilet, could hold the many different cheap brands of beauty products that he had acquired over the years? Two and half-hours later and he is all ready. † The better a man looks, the better a man is† He would bellow after flushing the toilet and bursting out of the bathroom with a quiff that no Elvis impersonator could compare to. He had a lengthy beauty regime that was absolutely vital that he stuck to. How else was he going to pass off being the most vain person in the whole of Western Super-Mare’s history? One gets the impression that some of the hair that once belonged on the crown of his head had quietly crept to join the vast amount of hair that covered the rest of his body. As most middle-aged men do, he himself had acquired a rather prominent bald patch. This baldness did bother his small mind. But not enough so that he did not take ultimate pride in every other inch of himself. After bathroom time, it was dressing up time. To say that he took an interest in fashion would be a laughable understatement. His desperately small bedroom was not somewhere one could kick back and relax, purely due to the lack of space. He did have a lot of clothes, even the odd sarong and kilt. If someone famous had once worn it, or been seen in it, he would have it, or so he liked to make out. Expense simply does not matter when you are not paying for anybody but your conceited self. Rumour about the town was that he surely must have had ‘Superior Being’ tattooed behind his ear, like the ‘666’ in the Omen, but this guy was real. Once kitted out in an outfit that was about as un-flattering as he could possibly piece together, ‘Its next season darling, anybody can see that’ he would sneer to anybody who dared to scoff at him. After blowing air kisses to his mother and father, he would head off to the seafront. When on the bus, he would lay out a designer tissue on which to perch his bottom on, and cross his legs curtly. One may imagine that seeing a middle aged bald man with the ghastliest fake tan and atrocious dress sense and perspiration problem, would be a humorous thing, but the locals were completely used to him, and paid him no attention whatsoever. In the city he would flounce around seemingly aimless, peering in at the most expensive shops and throwing lesser beings nasty looks. Then, he would go to his favourite cafà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½, a low key seaside affair, that his Great Aunt happened to own. Here, he could get free coffee and cream cakes. This was a privilege he had been abusing ungratefully for as long as his great aunt could remember. He was definately not one to say no to something free (as his unlucky relative had realised). This was his critical downfall. It was a day like any other in the cafà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½, when he was approached by a young woman complete with fake breasts, a fake smile, and an incredible amount of orange makeup on, a saleswoman. He glanced her up and down, his eyes did not stumble upon an expensive lable, therefore he returned to his article without bothering to utter a word. ‘Sir, sorry to disturb you, as you look like a very busy man†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ At which point, his Aunt spluttered in the background. She continued, ‘My company are the newest in follicle technology, we deal in complicated science procedures, to bring men like yourself back smiling, with a full head of hair’ Which was then her queue to throw him a dazzling smile with gleaming eyes. Luckily, she had his attention. â€Å"Men†¦like myself?’ He growled ferociously, spraying her with saliva. The woman’s smile did not crack. â€Å"I think it may interest you to know that we have a full waiting list of celebrities desperate to get their hands on this amazing product, I chose you, because you look like a person who knows what they want. And we are prepared to give you the full course, absolutely one hundred percent free!’ There was a pause. Inside his head, cogs were turning slowly. Celebrities. Desperate. Free! He took a deep breath in, stood up proudly, his nose in the air and slammed his great hairy fist down on the table smashing four empty mugs and declared, ‘I’ll do it’ Quick as a flash, his details were down on paper and he carry on with his coffee, smug, with the prospect of a full head of hair. A month or so later, at 8.30am a parcel arrived next to his sausage sandwiches. At first sighting, the grown man inside of him let out a high pitched squeak of excitement. He dropped to his knees like an eager child, tearing away the packaging in glee. Minutes later, sat amdist a sea of bubble wrap, he cradling his new elixir. ‘Follicle SOS hair rejuvenator with added vitamins’ He gasped in awe at this magical product and once again felt smugly aware that he had been hand picked to use it. After studying the instructions, here began the treatment. This is not the kind of treatment he had in mind though. One must bear in mind, that his peers were not very fond of him. Every day he applied the ‘magical’ cream, and every night, he checked his bald spot for improvement. No such luck. In fact, he wasn’t entirely sure, but it looked like his hair was getting sparser. After three weeks of applying the cream, he was not a happy customer. He had even stopped going out to the seafront for his regular coffee and cream cakes. For not only had his bald spot stayed bald, but to his horror it had increased in size. He rang the helpline. Sitting there in his mother’s favourite chair, on hold, for most of an hour. Until the same lady who he had spoken to before answered. A whole string of violent abuse later, the woman replied, ‘The treatment has to get rid of the original hair, in order to work on the head as a whole, and produce shiny healthy looking locks. Because you sir, are worth it’ She purred. Nothing like a cheap compliment to dampen his rage. So, religiously, he carried on applying it. Until the final day came, when he awoke one morning completely, outrageously bald, not to mention shiny. Alongside his sausage sandwich was a small letter. He opened it happily, ‘Popular as ever’ he thought. Inside the letter, was a note written by hand. It read; ‘Have you never read the story about the Emperor and his new clothes? Oh, he and his bald head of Western Super-Mare†¦ Vanity is a highly un-attractive quality. Consider the lesson taught’ On the back of the note, were the signatures of every person in his neighbourhood. Hands shaking, he laid down the note gently. Promptly strolled downstairs, leaving his sausage sandwiches behind, picked up the yellow pages and looked up, designer toupees. How to cite The Emperor’s New Clothes, Papers

Friday, April 24, 2020

Risk Assessment of Malathion Pesticide

Our city of Genericville is in a dilemma that is similar to the one faced yearly by numerous other communities. How does the city council strike a common ground between the problem of mosquitoes and its related ailments such as West Nile Virus with the impending health and environment effects due to the use of the Insecticide spray, Malathion? This paper presents the evaluation of the risk in using Malathion based on four-step risk assessment criteria to support my decision against its use in the city of Genericville.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Risk Assessment of Malathion Pesticide specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The first step is hazard identification. This appertains to the evaluation of the potential health risks that may result due to contact with Malathion. Spraying the area with this pesticide may yield to some undesirable health problems. More research ought to be devoted on the appropriate options of dealing with the problem of mosquitoes, which can transmit the deadly West Nile Virus (WNV). Are the hospitals in this city prepared enough to deliver treatment to individuals facing health problems due to spraying of Malathion if the council were to adopt the application of this pesticide throughout the city? Even though Malathion is toxic, a regular hospital is capable of treating its effects. According to The Agency of Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (2009, para.5), it states that â€Å"exposure to very high levels of Malathion for a short period in air, water, or food may cause difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, blurred vision, sweating, headaches, dizziness, loss of consciousness, and even death.† The second step is dose response. This appertains to the level of exposure of Malathion in association to its adverse health effects. At low concentrations, Malathion may cause side effects such as â€Å"sweating, weakness, loss of a ppetite, nausea and vomiting† (Agency of Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 2009). At high concentrations, it yields to â€Å"coma, anxiety, abdominal cramps, and convulsions.† The extent of manifestations of the symptoms depends on the level of exposure to the pesticide. Efforts should be made in controlling these side effects regardless of whether the extent of exposure to these doses is in small or high amounts. The third step in risk assessment of Malathion pesticide is exposure. This involves the quantity, frequency, and the period of exposure to this deadly pesticide. The extent of contact with Malathion in food and the atmosphere varies in the U.S depending on diverse modes of its application.Advertising Looking for essay on environmental studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Some states apply this pesticide to treat its residents while others apply it to guard their plantations from destruction by i nsects. The people staying near areas where Malathion is used are more susceptible to exposure. People are exposed to Malathion residues either through direct contact with Malathion plants or consumption of these plants. The period of exposure to this pesticide, can extent for as long as seven days. Even with adequate education to increase the pubic awareness of the exposure times, it is not realistic to consider its contact with humans impossible. Sprays of Malathion pesticide are often administered in climates that most of the times are hot and are breeding places for insects. This makes humans to be at high risk of exposure to this pesticide. Malathion degrades very fast, hence it is mostly used during the hot season, including during summer all across the United States. The last risk assessment step is risk characterization. This involves gauging whether some people in the population are at high risk than others. People who seldom follow precautionary principles when dealing wit h Malathion are more susceptible to its adverse health effects. The people working in the agricultural fields or other prone areas are at high risk of exposure to this pesticide than the people in the city. This implies that the workers who are actually spraying this pesticide are more susceptible to harm. The Environment Protection Agency has come up with measures to control the level of exposure of this harmful pesticide to humans (2009, para. 1). It has been mandated with the task of re-evaluating the chemical agent to ascertain its safety for use throughout this country. In summary, I would vote against the implementation of the use of Malathion in the city of Genericville since there is enough evidence to prove that this antidote is detrimental to the human life. As much as we should keep our city free from invasion of these insects, perhaps we can think of adopting other methods of achieving this; for example, using the natural pesticide ‘’pyrethrum† that is capable of controlling mosquitoes with no adverse environmental or human health effects (Sinclair Pressinger, n.d). Regardless of the fact that many cities across the United States have implemented its use, it is my strong conviction that we can control the invasion of these insects by education the residents of this city together with our visitors. All of us have to come to terms with the reality that we are not secluded in this ecosystem. My judgment may be harsh to some of the council members, but it is in order for us to consider all the economic, ecological, and social aspects before implementing the use of Malathion in this unique city. Reference List Sinclair, W., Pressinger, R. (n.d). Malathion Medical Research. Retrieved from We will write a custom essay sample on Risk Assessment of Malathion Pesticide specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The Agency of Toxic Substances a nd Disease Registry. (2009). Toxic Substances  Portal-Malathion. Retrieved from The environment protection agency. (2009). Malathion for mosquito control. Retrieved from This essay on Risk Assessment of Malathion Pesticide was written and submitted by user Gwendolyn F. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.